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Our Women's Basic Handgun Class is designed for the novice/beginner female shooter. Our class is conducted in a low stress, laid-back atmosphere, and centers around the core prinicples of our beginner classes: 1.) Safety 2.) Learning 3.) Have fun!

Women's Basic Handgun will start off briefly in the classroom, covering the following topics:


  • Safety Overview

  • Firearm Types and Nomenclature

  • Equipment Considerations


The class will then move to the range, where we will cover:


  • Range Safety Brief

  • Trigger Control

  • Grip

  • Sight Alignment and Sight Picture

  • Elements of the Draw

  • Drawing From the Holster

  • Basic Shooting Exercises

  • Accuracy Exercises

  • Reloading

  • Malfunctions and Remedial Action

  • Intro to Movement

Course Length: 4+ hours.

Prerequisites: A rudimentary familiarization with firearms is helpful, but is not required.


Equipment required: Quality semi-automatic handgun or revolver with at least two spare magazines or speed loaders/moon clips/speed strips (the more, the better), at least 150 rounds of factory-loaded ammunition (the more, the better!), quality holster suitable for open or concealed carry, eye and ear protection (electronic ear pro preferred), brimmed hat (recommended). Sunscreen/Hat/Water (if class is outdoors). Weather-Appropriate clothing. No open-toed shoes or low-cut shirts.


Course fee: $85.00 + Range fees (if applicable). This class can be taught at your location. Contact us for a quote and more info.

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