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On December 9, 1775, at a crossing of the Elizabeth River, known as the "Great Bridge", continental army and Virginia militia forces repelled an attack by British loyalist forces, led by Governor Lord Dunmore. The Battle of Great Bridge was a decisive victory for Virginia forces, and led to the British withdrawal at Norfolk, and Virginia's independence from British rule.

Great Bridge Training, LLC offers real-world based firearms and defense training. We don’t have our own trademarked shooting style, or catchy phrases and buzzwords, and we aren’t youtube celebrities. What we are, are experienced shooters and armed professionals, who are passionate about teaching our craft to those that are eager to learn.

Our classes stress a solid understanding of the fundamentals of shooting, with a strong focus on accuracy above all.

An instructor who teaches without experience is only teaching theory.

We are firm believers that in addition to ability, an instructor must have experience in their area of expertise in order to be effective. Our instructors come from military, law enforcement, and civilian backgrounds and are subject matter experts with real-world experience in their fields. Believing that instructors must also be students in order to improve, our staff continuously attend classes with other trainers.

Our staff all share the same passion for the 2nd Amendment, instructing, and ensuring that the training you receive is current, and relevant to your needs.

Our training cadre presently includes instructors who hold current certifications from:

  • National Rifle Association

  • National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Activities Division

  • Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

  • North Carolina Department of Justice

  • Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification

  • Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP)

  • Security Equipment Corporation (SABRE)

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