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Our Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit course covers basic firearm safety and includes an overview of Virginia codes that are relevant to carrying a concealed firearm in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Topics covered during the four (4) hour course include:

• Basic Handgun Safety
• Holsters and Safe Concealment Considerations
• Overview of Virginia Code Section 18.2.308
• State and Federal Restrictions on Carrying
• Travelling and Transporting Firearms and Ammunition
• Federal Firearms Regulations
• Reciprocity and Recognition

• Application Process


Each student will be provided with the following:
• Application
• Certificate of Course Completion

The application fee of $50 is not included with this course and will need to be submitted with the application. Check the website of your Circuit Court Clerk for payment options.

Students have no time limit from date of course to submit the application.

The Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit is valid for five (5) years with a renewal fee of $50.


Course Fee: $50.00 at our location. If you are interested in having us teach at your location, contact us for a quote.

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