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In Law Enforcement and Security, the shotgun has been largely replaced by the Patrol Rifle. In Tactical Shotgun, the shooter will come to understand how the shotgun is a versatile weapon system that is still a relevant and capable tool for the armed professional.

Tactical Shotgun will start off with a brief classroom session, covering the following topics:


  • Safety Review

  • Mindset

  • Shotgun Operation Review

  • Shotgun Myths vs. Reality

  • Equipment & Gear for the Armed Professional


The class will then move to the range, where we will cover:


  • Range Safety Brief

  • Static Shooting Drills

  • Combat and Tactical Reloading

  • Malfunctions and Immediate Action

  • Ammunition Changeovers

  • Shooting from Cover and Concealment

  • Shooting on the Move

  • Transitioning from the Shotgun to the Handgun

  • Multiple Threat Engagement

  • Improvised Shooting Positions

  • Shooting while injured (One-handed Operation)

  • Shotgun Marksmanship at Longer Distances (Range Permitting)


Course Length: 8 hours, with a brief lunch break.

Prerequisites: Completion of any state-approved shotgun course for armed security officers, any certified law enforcement academy, or any other reputable training course that included basic shotgun training.

This is not a basic shotgun class. Shooters should already have experience with, and be comfortable with the employment of the shotgun.


Equipment required: Quality pump-action or semi-auto shotgun equipped with a sling. 200 rounds of #00 or #1 buck shot, 100 rounds of slugs (low recoil ammunition recommended). Ability to retain at least 20 rounds of Shotgun ammo on your person. Quality Handgun and 100 rounds of handgun ammunition with at least two spare magazines/speedloaders. Body armor and duty equipment (optional). Eye and ear protection (electronic ear pro preferred), brimmed hat (recommended), knee and elbow pads (recommended), method of hydration, snacks, sunblock (if outdoors).


Course fee: $150.00 + Range fees. This class can be taught at your location. Contact us for a quote and more info.

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