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We believe that in a world of rifles and carbines, that the shotgun is an often underutilized and misunderstood weapon system. Defensive Shotgun will introduce the novice or experienced shotgun shooter to the role that the shotgun plays in home and

personal defense.

Defensive Shotgun will start off in the classroom, covering the following topics:


  • Safety Overview

  • Shotgun Nomenclature

  • Shotgun Myth vs. Reality

  • Ammunition Types and Application

  • Pump Action and Semi Auto Shotguns

  • Equipment Considerations

  • Mindset

  • The Effect of Stress on the Body

  • Justification for the Use of Force

  • What to do After a Self-Defense Shooting


The class will then move to the range, where we will cover:


  • Range Safety Brief

  • Loading and Unloading the Shotgun

  • Familiarization Fire

  • Static Shooting Drills

  • Combat Loading and Tactical Reloading

  • Malfunction drills

  • Ammunition Changeovers

  • Intro to Shooting While Moving

  • Intro to Shooting from Cover and Concealment


Course Length: 4-6 hours.

Prerequisites: Completion of a basic firearms course that included live-fire.


Equipment required: Quality pump-action or semi-auto shotgun. 100 rounds of #00 or #1 buck shot, 50 rounds of slugs, and 25 rounds of birdshot (low recoil ammunition recommended). The ability to retain at least 20 rounds of ammunition on your person. Eye and ear protection (electronic ear pro preferred), brimmed hat (recommended).


Course fee: $100.00 + Range fees. This class can be taught at your location. Contact us for a quote and more info.

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