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Open Range Day is intended for shooters of all levels to come out and have fun, under the guise of training. Our open range days consist of various courses of fire and scenarios, that are meant to test shooters skills in accuracy, speed, and weapons handling.

Open Range Day is not a formal class, and there are no scores and no awards. We're there just to shoot, improve, and have some fun. Shooters are free to run the courses of fire and stages as many times as ammo and time allow. Our staff are on hand to act as safety officers, offer pointers and tips, and to get trigger time in for themselves!

Shooters should bring: Pistol and/or Carbine (some days will also include Shotgun), suitable belt/holster, as much ammo as you want to shoot (At least 100 rounds recommended), spare magazines, eye and ear protection, knee pads, and any kit you want to test out or run.

Cost for Open Range Days is $40.00 (Cash only!)

Open Range Days will be scheduled and run as time allows. Check out our Upcoming Events page or our Facebook page to see when the next one is!

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