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Tactical Handgun is for shooters who want to move beyond the defensive application of the handgun, and learn to employ their handgun in situations that may be high-threat in nature, or to "Take the fight to the threat". This is a "train as you fight" class, and shooters are strongly encouraged to attend in their tactical/duty gear. To maximize instructor/student interaction, this class is limited to 10 students.

Tactical Handgun is conducted entirely on the range.


The class will cover, but is not limited to:


  • Range Safety Brief

  • Mindset, and the will to act

  • Cold Skills Assessment & Accuracy Evaluation

  • Shooting for Speed and Accuracy

  • Shooting in Close Quarters

  • Moving With the Gun Drawn in a Tactical Environment

  • Multiple Threat Engagement

  • Engaging Multiple Threats on the Move

  • Improvised & Unconventional Shooting Positions

  • Employing the Handgun at Longer Distances

  • Decision Making in the Face of Danger

  • Two-Man Team Drills

  • Stress Course

  • Practical Skills and Scenarios

  • Skills Reassessment


Course Length: 2 Days (16 hours), with a lunch break each day.

Prerequisites: Shooters should be experienced armed professionals, or have demonstrable skills obtained through attendance at reputable firearms training, or in firearms competition.


Equipment required: Quality semi-automatic handgun with at least 4 spare magazines (the more, the better). At least 1000 rounds of quality ammunition, duty style holster with belt, eye and ear protection (electronic ear pro preferred), brimmed hat and elbow/knee pads(recommended). Sunblock and weather appropriate clothing is recommended. We shoot rain or shine.


Course fee: $250.00 + Range fees. This class can be taught at your location. Contact us for a quote and more info.

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