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Our Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License course covers all areas of training which are required by the State of Florida. Our course includes the state-mandated live fire block of instruction.

Topics covered during the four (4) hour course include:
• Basic Handgun Safety
• Handgun Parts and Operation
• Handgun Shooting Fundamentals
• Holsters and Safe Concealment Considerations
• Florida Statute 790.06 Overview
• Florida Law Concerning Use of Deadly Force
• CWFL Restrictions
• Travelling and Transporting Firearms and Ammunition
• Federal Firearms Regulations
• Reciprocity and Recognition

• Safe Loading and Discharging of Firearm (Live-Fire)


Each student will be provided with the following:
• Florida CWFL Application Packet
• Notary Service for Application
• Course Completion Certificate


Course Fee: $75.00 at our location. Range and Ammunition costs are not included in the course fee, and vary depending on which area range is used. If you are interested in having the class taught at your location, contact us for a quote.

We can supply a firearm for use, if necessary. Use of our firearm is included in the course fee.

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