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Our Carbine intro course is for those who are new to the AR-15 series of rifles. Whether you just purchased your first one and want to learn the proper way to not only shoot it, but also how to field strip and properly lubricate it, or if you are about to buy one, and want to know ahead of time (We have a loaner or two!). 

Intro to the Carbine is a blended classroom/range course. We start in the classroom, covering the following topics:

  • History of the AR-series

  • Operating System Overview (Direct Impingement and Piston)

  • Rifle Nomenclature

  • Field Stripping and Reassembly

  • Lubrication and Cleaning

  • Common Causes of Malfunction

  • Slings

  • Explanation of Zeroing, Mechanical Offset, and Hold Overs/Unders

We'll then move to the range, where we will cover:

  • Range Safety Brief

  • Loading and Unloading the Carbine

  • Charging the Carbine

  • Familiarization Fire

  • Zeroing Exercises

  • Mechanical Offset Exercises

  • Hold Over Exercises

  • Standing, Kneeling, & Prone Shooting Exercises

  • Equipment Selection and Considerations

  • Question and Answer Session

  • Class Review

Class Requirements:

A serviceable AR15 (or variant) rifle, with at least 150 rounds of quality ammunition, designed for the rifle that you are shooting. At least 3 magazines for your rifle. Quality weapon lubricant, and cleaning supplies. Note taking materials, method of hydration, snacks, a brimmed hat, and season-appropriate clothing.

Course Length: 4-6 hours

Cost: $85.00 + range fees. This class can be offered as an abbreviated, classroom-only course, and be taught at your location. Contact us for more info.

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